A Warning To Spammers

I've seen a lot of bad link building here. If your intention is to promote your site with a backlink on any of my articles that allow commenting, then take two minutes to make sure you understand the basics of link building…

How to Link Build

Leave a relevant comment that is contextually connected with the article in which you are commenting. Make sure your link is also relevant. For example, if the article you are reading is about religion, then it's not going to help you to post a link for doggy day care. If you do not understand relevancy then you have no business link building; forget about that about.com article you read, hunker down, and learn about SEO. THEN come back to link and when you do, leave just one link for each comment. Do not leave a spam comment. Spam comments look something like "good article" and website administrators see through this, we know that you have not read the article and that your only purpose is to get a dofollow link.

There is nothing wrong with posting a single link when it is contextually relevant and within a legitimate comment, after all, a good comment relevant to the article at hand will lend weight to the page, so in return I'm happy to help you. However If you decide to just spam my site, then your post will certainly and unapologetically be deleted and if you annoy me then you will be listed here on this spam page.

Format for linking

On this site use this syntax:

  • [*URL Anchor Text]
  • Sample: [*http://whanethewhip.wikidot.com/ Whane The Whip]
  • Note the space between the URL and anchor text

Hall of Shame

  • pfiger.com - They basically posted a commercial as a comment.
  • ikritiks.com - trying to optimize for Manual Directory Submission Service. Deleted, epic fail.
  • challengecoinsplus.com - I called them and let them know their SEO guy was spamming.
  • vietnamvisapro.com - Obvioulsy not contextually relevent to the article
  • bestsales4u.com - Naively trying to optimize for the phrase Rolex watches
  • ds-cartes.com - They think random links will make them rich, they need education.
  • netbooksforsale.org - Blatant spammer, made no attempt to post legit content.
  • wineracksforsale.net - The same idiot owns the site above also owns this site.
  • shoes-inexpensive.us - Using fake registration information - feel free to nab this domain
  • clothes-discount.us - Using fake registration information - feel free to nab this domain
  • citywidecleaning.co.uk - Anne posted a comment stating that backlinks should be relevant. She then followed up her post with an irrelevant back link. I call that laziness.
  • brazilianmiracle.com - Pretty lame link for an article about SEO. They need to learn about relevancy.
  • belizecityvacations.com Blatant spammer. Did not bother to leave a legit comment and posted a link that has absolutely no relevancy to the article.
  • xenonweb.co.uk - Yet another London cleaning service that thinks an article about SEO is a good match for cleaning services. Dumb.
  • sleepinnatlanta.com - I called the business owner Mr. Beevik and let him know that his SEO guy is risking his site through poor SEO methods. Now he is thinking about doing business with my company instead.
  • hibermate.com - Blatant spammer, they have no clue how to do SEO correctly and without risking their site.
  • semexpertindia.com They have no idea what they are doing and using SEO methods that are way outdated. They didn't even bother to post a comment, instead they posted an advertisement.
  • mymillionairementor2011exposed.com Apparently millionaire mentors don't have enough money to hire legit firms so they end up with spammers.
  • autoclickprofits.co.uk Has no idea how SEO works.
  • suprashoe.us They have no clue what they are doing.
  • shenzhenelectronic.com Posting on the same pages as many of these guys listed on this page which means well after a year they still have not learned a thing about how SEO works. So sad.