Atheist Tracts

There are lots of Christians where I live and unfortunately I'm often targeted as a recipient of the dreaded free Christian tract or leaflet. As a way to fight back, I decided to make my own atheist tracts to hand back. Now, anytime I head to the pier I make it a point to put a couple of these in my pocket, just in case. The looks I get can be quite amusing, but sometimes it leads to discussion, or even better… debate. I've only made a few that I'm happy with so for now, I'll only be sharing the three. You will need a printer and 8 1/2" by 11" paper. Each page contains 3 copies of the tract. Just cut and fold and you're ready to spread atheist goodness.

virgin-rape.jpg god-is-winning-cover.jpg kill-your-family.jpg

Feel free to download, print, and distribute.