Why SWTOR Sucks
icon32.png Posted: 08 Sep 2012 18:37

Star Wars The Old Republic is a Star Wars themed MMORPG partnership between Lucas Arts, Bioware, and EA.

Upon downloading the game to try it out for free I was not overly impressed with the game. Is seemed much like any other run-of-the-mill grind fest. The only appeal it had for me was the fact that it was based on Star Wars and that there were PvP servers to choose from. Even now, the game is "okay"… I could see myself playing it for maybe 3 months before getting bored, much longer if it offered something that made it unique or more challenging. But it was ultimately the way EA chose to manage subscription and accounts that resulted in my opinion: that SWTOR sucks.

1. Upon creating an account there is no corrective dialogue to clue users in on what is expected. As a result I could not create an account because for some unknown reason the game would not accept my password. It was not until after searching online when I came to learn that SWTOR expects at least 1 number and 1 capitalized letter within the password. I have no idea why EA would choose not to inform new users of this but it was one of those things that left a bad first impression.

2. Although the trial page said I could play the game without restriction up to level 15, there were in fact several restrictions and notifications of those restrictions during game play. Honesty is nice.

3. I really felt as if the trial failed to let me get a good review of the game so I decided to purchase the digital version of the game which included 30 days. To my surprise, as soon as I made the purchase I was no longer able to login to play because I had no active subscription. Of course this was not explained to me in any way, nor was there any dialogue on the site or within the login screen to explain why I could not play a game that I just purchased, even though I was previously able to play it without a purchase.

4. Upon calling for support (because I didn't realize I had to sub even though my purchase included 30 days) it was explained to me that buying the game was not enough, even though it included 30 days with the purchase but that I had to also submit credit card information and subscribe. This, I was told… was for "security reasons". This of course is total bullshit, I bought the game, forcing me to subscribe beyond my 30 day purchase is not a security measure, it's a greedy douche bag measure.

5. I wanted to invite a few friends to join me so I went to the "invite a friend" page but once again I was met with EA bullshit. Apparently you cannot invite friends until you have paid for at least one subscription beyond the 30 day purchase that comes with the game. This is turning into way too much… so now I have to PAY in order to invite friends using the in-game reward system.

6. After reaching level 20 on a PvP server I was a little disappointing to see that I had not yet ran into any rebels to PvP against. I then learned that the PvP servers have very little open world PvP because missions from apposing factions slowly overlap over time. It isn't until level 50 when PvP really kicks in and then it's only in one zone. So lame… what is the point in calling it a PvP server.

So, even though I still have 3 weeks left of the initial 30 days I've cancelled my subscription which funnily enough has once again locked me out of my account even though my purchase was supposed to include 30 days. Honestly, I could put up with all that BS if the game was great, but it's just another MMO with nothing unique to offer, so why bother. Now I'm trying Eve Online.

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