Frank Underwood Spits On Jesus in House of Cards
icon32.png Posted: 01 Mar 2015 04:08

In season 3 episode 4, Frank Underwood spits on Jesus. Here come all the crazy comments. What I don't get is why these guys are entertained by a show about a corrupt murdering politician but as soon they offend "god" suddenly it's bad. Here's a few comments:

@mark-alarcon: Just watched season 3 episode 4, been a huge viewer but no more! Turned off when Frank spit on JESUS is enough will not watch anymore…

@Sleddrin: Wait you mean to tell me Frank Underwood spit on my Lord and Savior?

@eduamorato: Frank Underwood piss on his fathers grave then spit on Jesus. Beyond the limits @HouseofCards . Sad #blasphemy


@LaidBackTunde: Dude pissed on his fathers grave and spit in the face of a statue of Jesus. He will be humbled

@JackieLeRock: #HouseofCardsSeason3 has an episode where #FrankUnderwood spits on Jesus. So disrespectful. Not cool #Netflix not cool at all.

@DeboTARANTINO_: Hol up…frank underwood spits on Jesus in season 3? Welp…that's the end of that

@KirstinErvin: @HouseofCards, you had my love until you spit on the face of Jesus. Not okay.

@whanethewhip: Really? So you loved Frank when he was a murderer? But you draw the line at spitting? #moralagent

@ehwaltz: Man it makes me sick when he spits on Jesus in episode 30 of #HouseOfCards I'm disgusted and will not continue to watch this show #classless