There Is No Such Thing As Google Support
icon32.png Posted: 06 Nov 2010 17:46

This is a repost of what I posted on the Google Support Forums.

I love how Google does not like to chime in on their official support forums. Exactly who is supposed to be supporting us? Certainly not Google. I guess we are supposed to all solve our own problems without access to the knowledge and tools that Google employees have. I see tons of topics that are closed without input from Google staff… so are the topics closed automatically over time or by staff? If by staff then I think it's a bit of a dick move to close a topic but not reply to the topic. And if automatic then it's just an easy way for staff to say "sorry the topic closed and I could not help", yet another dick move built into the forum mechanics.

Google's logo should be the thorny rose, sure there is the rose part, but every rose has a thorn. Googles lack of support is their thorn. Youtube groups is one example, it doesn't work and has never worked properly, Google took the time to publish promo videos advertising groups, but if you have problems (and you WILL have problems) then Google is nowhere in site.

Google needs to be reminded that it is we the users that popularize their services and we the users that can simply walk away too. Thank you Google for buying up all of the various services and software developed by others, making it free to some degree, then offering no fucking support whatsoever. I would have rather you not bought up those smaller companies because they provided support, you don't. Unless of course you are paying for adwords services in which case, if you want to talk to someone from Google, then just stop your campaigns, then Google will come to YOU asking if everything is okay within a day or two. Oh yeah, stop the money flow and THEN they take notice…. "Oh dear I'm so sorry sir, here let me fix that for you right now so we can get your PPC ads running again so that you can continue to pay us".

Google is getting too big, this is painfully obvious because as a consumer I cannot get the support I need, it is absolutely not there when I need it. I think I would rather use featureless versions of their services as long as I can some fucking support now and then. Yes I said "fucking", now Google has an excuse to remove this question… but it's okay, I'll post it on my blog too, and it's not like I actually expect Google to stir a little to help users. And these support forums? Pffttt, someone might as well just make their own google support forum, at least it would be better than this crap and no one will be waiting or expecting for Google staff to reply which is just another disappointment. Here is an example of three issues I tried (and failed) to get resolved through the Google "support" (cough crap) forums.

  1. I have had (still have) problems with YT Groups and no one from Google has ever answered. Others have asked the same or similar questions, all those topics are closed with no input from Google and no fix from users. All replies tend to show that YT groups is buggy as hell and no one from Google will EVER fix it. Really, Google, you should just delete YT groups, they are pointless without function.
  2. I have had and still have issues with Google Chrome regarding bookmarks, it is bad enough that a 5 page topic has had NO replies from a single Google employee and that the top voted answer can be summarized as saying "Google sucks" but what is worse, the topic is closed with NO input or help from a single Google employee… after 5 pages of complaints. Thanks Google, way to show your support muscle. At the very least you could login and post something like "sorry guys, you're screwed, we're never going to fix this", at least then people would stop posting and asking for help knowing that it will never come.
  3. I have had and still have issues with Google Places. The annoying part in this case is that after posting on the support forums, this time I was contacted in private by someone that had an "in" with Google. He offered to fix the problem for $200. As I know what can and cannot be done by the end-user, I decided to pay him just to see if he could live up to his claims. To my surprise, he had the problem fixed in 5 minutes. So here we have a situation in which a Google employee COULD be helping everyone, but instead he only helps when he is paid by someone desperate to have their business seen. He even commented to me "Yeah, officially Google does not have to provide support and so that's my paycheck, I know this sounds bad but I hope Google never improves their support because I'm making a shit load of money." Are you paying attention Google? Your employees are exploiting us due to your poor support policy.

Google should place a visible disclaimer on every site, service, and product they own: "Caution, use at your own risk, we offer no guarantee of service, we refuse you any form of support unless we're bored and you are one in a million users, and you agree to never sue us."

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