The World On A Platter For $250
icon32.png Posted: 12 May 2011 03:42

I spotted a Craigslist post today that prompted a reply via email, here is the original post:

Website builder wanted (alhambra)

Date: 2011-05-11, 12:13AM PDT
Reply to: gro.tsilsgiarc|4169434732-n7p2r-sgig#gro.tsilsgiarc|4169434732-n7p2r-sgig [Errors when replying to ads?]

I am looking for someone to help me build a simple website. If you are interested please shoot me a email. I got alot of email from great builders but here is all I can offer. I can only spend about $250 on a full site. I need someone to do a site but I would like to keep that person for a long term use. I would eventually like to have the person work for me in the future. I prefer a site similar to the the one below. If your able to do what I need then please email me but if you can't please do not bother as I cannot afford more than what is listed. I also need a hosting, I will buy the domain name.

Location: alhambra
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And here was my reply:

The problem you face is that you begin by saying that you want a "simple" website then you end by showing two examples of what you want, one is an eCommerce website and the other is a design-your-own-shirt website. Neither one of those are "simple". And this you want for $250?! To add insult, you then go on to say that you want the developer to eventually "work for you", freelancers are self employed, they don't want to work for you, esp considering how little you are offering for such a large project.

And how can anyone possibly accept your offer of $250 when you have not even described one single page you want? People like me need to scope your project… 5 pages with no shopping cart? Okay maybe $250 for a freelancer. 1000 pages with a shopping cart? No way! You need to explain in detail exactly what you want, how many pages, and the features you need, etc…

The other mistake you are making is expecting for hosting to be covered in the price. That is going to limit you to just a small handful of people that happen to host too. So now what you really need is a designer and developer and host all rolled into one that will work on a site with no defined scope… for $250! Damn, why don't you just post "fuck you" on CL because that is basically what you are saying with your listing.

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