Seo Competition
icon32.png Posted: 25 Mar 2009 15:44

A common method used to determine how potentially competitive a term may be is to look at the total count of web pages that appear for any given search.

However, count is not the final assessment for how competitive a term may be. It’s possible to have a very low count for a very challenging term. For example, let’s say that keyphrase "A" has a count of just 10,000, yet 100 of those are actively engaged in SEO on a daily basis, this means it could be extremely time consuming to compete with 100 SEO experts working on competing sites. Competitive Intelligence is the measure of how competitive a phrase is in terms of SEO. Count is a rough idea of how potentially competitive a phrase can be (and there are different ways to measure count too). 1000’s may enter a marathon, but there may be 10 that really want to win, to finish within 3rd place is not a matter of competing with the total count of those entering the race, but a matter of competing with those 10 that REALLY want to win.

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