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Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master Ministries agreed to a Q&A via email. This content was originally slotted to be published in a local magazine but the editors rejected the Q&A on the grounds that Ray skirted the majority of the questions. Not wanting to see this go to waste, I've decided to post it here. I have taken the liberty of excluding some of the more mundane questions intended to launch the discussion. Bear in mind that I reference the Bible not because I believe it, but because Ray believes it.

1. How long have you been debating atheists on the HB Pier?

Ray Comfort: Four years.

2. With the exception of a video or two, I have yet to see Kirk Cameron down here. How often does he join you on the pier?

Ray Comfort: Once every four years.

3. How much does it cost a "Way of the Master" student to pass out flyers on the pier?

Ray Comfort: It depends on how many they buy.

Note for #3. Way of the Master "Students" pay to learn how to overcome their shyness to talk to non-Christians about their beliefs. Part of their training involves passing out flyers on the Huntington Beach pier that they must first pay for.

4. Since evolution is used to explain the diversity of life, and not the origins of life. It's possible to believe in a god while at the same time accepting evolution. Can you explain your tendency to use evolution as a debate topic when it does not disprove or even address the creation hypothesis?

Ray Comfort: After confronting thousands of evolutionists on what they believe, I have found that they can’t find any evidence for the theory except bacteria “evolving” into bacteria, and other “evidence” that has to be received by blind faith. All you have to do is ask a believer about the First Cause, where male and female came from, whether the first fish that came up out of the water (you believe we were came from the ocean) had lungs or gills, and I get blank looks. It doesn’t explain anything about life. It’s an unscientific joke.

Whane The Whip: You may have misunderstood this question. The question was "Can you explain your tendency to use evolution as a debate topic when it does not disprove or even address the creation hypothesis?" You did not answer the question, instead you tried to disprove evolution… which was the very point of the question to begin with… I.E. your tendency to debate evolution. Evolution does not challenge the creationist hypothesis… so why even bother with it?

Ray Comfort: Respectfully, the question was “loaded.” Evolution does address it. It opposes creation. It denies that there was a Creator. Neither is creation a “hypothesis.” Creation is a fact, and a Creator is axiomatic.

Whane The Whip: Respectfully, the question was not “loaded.” and evolution does *not* address it. Evolution explains the diversity of life, not the origins of life, that's called Abiogenesis. Evolution does not challenge, or even address the creationist view which begs the question, why do you use it as a debate point since it does not refute your views. This question remains unanswered by you.

5. The video 180 is an excellent rehash of older videos. Do you believe it presents evidence of god? If so, in which segment?

Ray Comfort: It doesn’t present any evidence for God. There’s no need to. Everyone believes in God, and as the Bible says, only fools deny the inner knowledge that He has given to every man.

Whane The Whip: If you really believe that everyone believes in god, then why do you have a ministry that targets atheists?

Ray Comfort: I “target” every un-converted person, and that includes atheists.

Note for #5. So which is it Ray, everyone believes in god? Or there are "un-converted" non believers along with atheists that do not believe in god? If everyone believed in god then the only reason you're on the pier is to satisfy your ego. The reason few people take you seriously is because your answers are nonsensical rhetoric.

There was a war in heaven and where there is war, things cannot be good.

6. Are there any parts of the Bible that you do not believe in?

Ray Comfort: No.

7. Regarding abortion. When an underage virgin is raped, should she suffer through pregnancy and the curse of child bearing for the sake of being raped? Or do you believe she should marry her rapist as mandated in Deuteronomy 22:28.

Ray Comfort: I would never kill a child for the crime of the father. She should have the baby rather than kill it, and have it adopted. Why would someone living in America, under American law obey 3,000 year old Hebrew civil law? That makes no sense.

Whane The Whip: You said that you would never kill a child for the crime of the father. Yet in the Bible, god punishes children for the sake of their parents quite often. The very premise of your religion is that everyone is born deserving hell, due to the actions of Adam and Eve. So it appears that you have a philosophy that differs from god. Ref: Exodus 20:5 "I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation…"

Ray Comfort: It’s not true that everyone deserves Hell because of the actions of Adam and Eve. They will get justice for their own sins, not for the sins of Adam.

Note for #7. Way to go Ray, you effortlessly avoided the Bible verse that contradicts your own belief system. You: "I would never kill a child for the crime of the father." God: "I…punish the children for the sin of the fathers." So despite what the Bible says, you and I both adhere to a moral standard greater than that of your god.

8. Do you think gays should be put to death as mandated in Leviticus 20:13? Why or why not?

Ray Comfort: Of course not. Why should America embrace 3,000 year old Hebrew criminal law. FYI: In 1779, Thomas Jefferson proposed a law that would mandate castration for gay men. Jefferson was considered a liberal. At the time, the most common penalty on the books was death.

Whane The Whip: You asked "Why should America embrace 3,000 year old Hebrew criminal law?" Well, mainly because it was the law of your god. In Matthew 5:18-19, Jesus says that until the Earth passes away, "not an iota" of the law will pass. God said in Malachi 3:6 "For I am the LORD, I do not change…" Additionally, the 10 commandments you reference in the "good test" are also from the OT. Are these all invalid laws of god, due to their age?

Ray Comfort: Jews break the 613 precepts of God’s Law into three part: Criminal (Civil), Ceremonial and Moral. Humanity will be judged by the moral Law (the Ten Commandments).

Whane The Whip: So if I'm to understand you, gods old laws can be disregarded not because they're old as you first suggested, but because of the type of laws they represent? So does this mean that contrary to what the Bible states, some of gods laws WILL perish before the Earth does and so therefore we can disregard them?

9. Do you think I should be put to death as a "non-believer" as the non-believers were put to death in 2 Chronicles 15:12-13? Why or why not?

Ray Comfort: Same as above. You are free in this country to believe what you wish.

Note for #9. Note that Ray failed to answer the question, instead he picked a question he wanted to answer. This is very typical for Ray, especially when he is looking for atheists to debate on the Huntington Beach pier. Whenever Ray avoids questions like this you can safely assume that he is incapable of defending his faith. Also note the disconnect here and with #5 above in which he claims everyone believes in god, which of course is another way of avoiding the question; yet now he claims people are free (in this country) to believe what they wish. I would categorize Ray as a very dishonest person to debate.

10. Does the *creation* of Mount Rushmore honestly disprove the *diversity* of life?

Ray Comfort: No.

11. Do you have faith the size of a mustard seed? If not then how would you gauge your faith?

Ray Comfort: Trust can’t be measured. The statement is metaphoric.

Note for #11. Notice that Ray substituted the word "trust" for "faith". I do agree that faith is metaphoric, and along with it… salvation. But Jesus would disagree with him since, according to the Bible, faith can be measured, and faith the size of a mustard seed (a measurement) can move mountains. So once again Ray disagrees with the Bible.

12. Which saves? Faith or perfect knowledge?

Ray Comfort: Trust alone in Jesus Christ.

13. If heaven is so great, then why was there a war there?

Ray Comfort: Ask God with a humble heart, and He may let you know.

Whane The Whip: I'm asking you, you agreed to the questionnaire, not god. Since you believe all parts of the Bible are true, as indicated in 1 Peter 3:15 "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." I disagree that it is respectful to ask an atheist to pray to someone he does not believe in for an answer. So if you are fair, then I'll ask again "If Heaven is so great, why was there a war there?"

Ray Comfort: The word “war” can have many meanings. You may be at war with your neighbors, or with your in-laws. It doesn’t necessarily mean bloodshed. Check the Hebrew word and it may help.

Whane The Whip: Instead of answering the question (yet again) "if heaven is so great, why was there a war there", you answered the question "what is war" to which I know both answers. War is the imposition of will through force, most often physical force. According to the bible there was a war in heaven, and 1/3 of the angelic rebellion was cast out of heaven thus impositioning the will of the rebel angels engaged in the struggle: hence a war. I'm not referring to the "war" of divorce, or the "war" of debate, or the "war" of politics all of which are misnomers meant to exaggerate the events. I can certainly understand your reluctance to answer the question and if I did offer a loaded question at anytime, then this is certainly it because the answer is simple, where there is war, things cannot be good. That is *my* answer, unless you want to take a final stab at it.

14. Why do you think Atheists have greater religious knowledge than Jews, Christians, Catholics, and Mormons?

Ray Comfort: Because they spend most of their time running after Christians, asking them questions :-)

Note for #14. Wrong answer Ray. Atheists get their answers from studying your beliefs. Unlike you, most atheists are open minded. If Atheists excelled in knowledge as a result of "running after Christians" for answers then Christians would certainly have scored higher. You confuse seeking answers for the Socratic Method, a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. The questions are asked to challenge your position, not make excuses for it. But in most cases, you avoid the questions and therein avoid critical thinking. ;-)

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