Mycharitylife.Com: Scammers?
icon32.png Posted: 05 Jul 2013 20:33

Ryan Surber of claims to be touring the U.S. in an effort to promote what he refers to as his philanthropy mission. Unlike real philanthropists like Bill Gates, that worked hard for their money before retiring and becoming a philanthropist, Ryan decided from an early age that spending other peoples money was better. His bio states:

"After graduating college, he [Ryan] didn’t want to join the traditional workforce. While his friends were exploring full-time corporate opportunities or entering graduate school, Ryan continued to find purpose and vocation in nonprofit work by joining both established causes like Habitat for Humanity." Ref.

So having never really worked hard to earn his own money, Ryan has little or no experience in managing or spending money which is probably why his scam van is littered with piles of garbage and empty beer cans.


Ryan believes it is his civic duty to spend donation money on this tour, and it's no coincidence that his tour locations tend to be popular party destination like Huntington Beach California and New Orleans. While Ryan fully embraces what he calls his civic cause, he falls far from the mark when it comes to common civility. While visiting Huntington Beach during the July 4th celebration in 2013, Ryan with his crew and dog woke up the neighborhood on 3rd Street when for some unknown reason he decided parking his scam van meant he had to blast his train horn for an extended period of time… at 2:30 in the morning. His horn consequently set off several car alarms. With two assistants (Mike and an unnamed man) yelling out instructions, Ryan was eventually able to park the beast. Thereafter, the three men joined by a woman decided to stand outside their scam van and discuss topics at full voice while neighbors pulled curtains to the side to get a good look at the douche bags that were not walking home like all the other drunks at this time of the night but loitering loudly. It was only after the police were called that Ryan and his scam van partners decided to retire to their RV for what was left of the night. But of course they left their generator run all night (and all day, and all next night too).

After sunrise the filth of the van was more identifiable as were the piles of dog shit that littered the sidewalks and bushes nearby. An hour later I ran into Mike standing 20 feet away from the Parade location with tons of families and kids letting his dog crap all over the sidewalk without cleaning it up. When I confronted him he said he would clean it up and that he would return with a bag. However, upon arriving back at the van it wasn't until I knocked on his door to remind him that I saw him leave with bag in hand. 15 minutes later I checked again and sure enough the shit was still there, this dick Mike with can't be bothered to clean up after a dog which really makes me question their so called charity program that caters primarily do pets in need. How can they help pets when they can't even take care of one of their own, how can they manage charity funds when they can't even manage their own lives, living in a filthy van with sanitary conditions worse off than the conditions a homeless person would be living in. Low on funds? Okay fine, I can understand that; it must be hard to find willing victims these days. But being low on funds wouldn't impact their ability to simply live in clean conditions.

July 5th, 2013, Friday morning. I'm reminded of their presence when I see a 3rd man step out of the door with his dog promptly following behind. The 3rd man watches as the dog takes a shit 4 feet from the van and right next to the building they are next to, where it still remains.

After researching a little I've come to realize that their videos with 38 views and their hyped up site with no contact information is probably nothing more than an excuse to fool a few people here and there into handing over money that Ryan can then use to plan his next trip, he wont be getting any beer money from me though.

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