Mormons and Prop 8
icon32.png Posted: 27 Jan 2012 01:17

I was recently challenged by a Mormon regarding my stance against proposition 8. This topic has received a lot of attention by the Mormons and if you've not seen the documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition, then I highly recommend it. It will definitely open your eyes in terms of just how far the Mormon leaders will go to force their bigotry into society.

The video in question, A Mormon Speaks Out Against Prop 8 While in Church, can be seen below:

In response to the video, Youtube user Tanner016 posts:

@whanethewhip question…Why should gays be allowed to marry, but not polygamists? thoughts? not trying to argue, just always wondered. If we are going to? change the historical bounds of marriage, why not include polygamists too? If marriage is simply for "love" and not child creation, then why cant someone marry their Dog? or sister? ~ Tanner016

The question he asks me is "Why should gays be allowed to marry?" but the real question should be, "why do Mormons get to tell others who they can or cannot marry?"

The question he asks me is "Why should gays be allowed to marry?" but the real question should be, "why do Mormons get to tell others who they can or cannot marry?" It's interesting that he assumes to know my stance regarding other topics but I'm not going to let him fence me in so I replied with:

@Tanner016 Fair enough, here is my answer. Any person, that understands the union of marriage should be free to marry, this includes polygamists and sisters. This does not include dogs, not because of any personal opinion I hold, but because the dog would not be aware enough to understand and therefore agree to a marriage. My personal feelings? Marrying your sister is gross but my opinion should not impose upon your freedom and government should be protecting rights, not stripping them. ~ whanethewhip

@whanethewhip Well you have a very valid argument. I don't agree, but you are consistent with the idea it should be open to all with understanding. I don't hate gays. Many of my dearest friends are infact gay. I am against discrimination of gays in the workplace and don't ask don't tell.. ~ Tanner016

Note that he said my argument was very valid, yet he did not agree. This is what his religion has done to him, it has allowed him to recognize, and completely disagree with a valid point. Also note that he limits his opposition against discrimination of gays to the workplace only, but he apparently favors discrimination against gays in society. He then posts:

@whanethewhip but I support marriage between a man and women for the sole purpose that in my mind, and in the historical context of the purpose of marriage, marriage is meant to not only bind two people in love, but to create life. homosexuals are incapable of that. I just hope however, that despite our differences, we can end bullying and violent acts against some homosexuals. although we disagree, and although I disagree with gays, in my mind we are all one family. ~ Tanner016

He is only apposed to violent acts against "some" homosexuals. I read this as meaning that he is in favor of violent acts against "some other" homosexuals.

@Tanner016 I disagree that you can call a gay person a friend, and they tell him he does not have the same rights you have. If someone calls me friend then says I should not get to marry because I'm an atheist, then s/he is no longer my friend. The question you should be asking here, isn't who you think should get to marry, but whether or not you think the role of government is to tell us who we can marry and whether or not YOU, or your religion gets to tell other people who they can marry. ~ whanethewhip

So Tanner016 thinks that because he says "I'm a friend to homosexuals" that his act of denying them the same freedom and liberties afforded to him should be overlooked. This is why I say, ignore what people say, and observe what people do. His actions are incompatible with his words.

Meanwhile I'll admit that I'm not necessarily a friend to homosexuals, but I am a friend to liberty which means homosexuals get to decide their relationships without other people, including Mormons and the government, telling them otherwise. I'd argue that that makes me a better friend than Tanner because my actions support the rights of others to engage in same sex marriages. Our differences; Tanner does not let his opinion of friendship interfere with his bigotry, and I do not let my opinion of homosexuality interfere with free choice.

Although prop 8 barely passed, the Constitutionality of the law has been questioned and this case is headed to the 9th Circuit Court. If that fails, then a new proposition will go forward to repeal prop 8, and all the Money spent by the LDS church will go to waste.