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icon32.png Posted: 30 Sep 2008 22:25

Kruse Internet Marketing Services makes the following claim: Monthly SEO maintenance is unnecessary and anyone offering to sell you this service is providing a disservice.

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Whane The Whip
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Representing: Kruse Internet Marketing Services (PR3)
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Victory Conditions

Any response should address each challenge element one at a time in order to facilitate the debate progress. Failure to accept the challenge will default victory to the challenger. Defender should post replies to the comment section that follows this challenge. Seo Dojo will moderate, judge, and declare a victor. This challenge contains one element only:

Challenge Elements

1) Kruse Internet Marketing states that "if [a web page] got [top] listed, they're going to stay [top] listed." By making this statement, Kruse Marketing is claiming that no other SEO attempts are made on the associated keywords, that there are no Algo alterations, and that no new pages containing the same keywords are introduced to the web. Kruse must show a period of no growth for the internet for the last 5 years (2003 - 2008), prove that the majority (more than 50%) of all search terms are never optimized, and prove that Algo alterations do not also alter the SERPS.

I predict this challenge will be ignored (easy prediction). The fact is, in 2003 there were 20 billion web pages, a recent survey shows 63 billion web pages in 2008. The claim made above could not be true based purely on this factor alone, a growth of 63 billion from 20 billion in 5 years means radical changes in ranking for most (if not all) keywords. Additionally, SEO is conducted on a daily basis for nearly every keyword used on SE's. Kruses claim above does not consider the fact that he can lose rank as others work to improve their own. Kruse then goes on to say (but not show) that Algo alterations do not also alter rankings. This is perhaps the most audacious claim because Algo alterations are specifically designed to improve the way sites are ranked which means that Algo alterations also result in rank alterations; that is their only purpose.

If your site is indexed, it will remain indexed (assuming it is not banned for black hat SEO violations). But as we all know, list placement is important. Simply being in the list is not enough (and never has been). In closing Kruse states "If you want to spend more money on your web site, then spend it on adding relevant keyword-rich content, not on SEO maintenance." As anyone that performs professional monthly maintenance can tell you, adding relevant keyword-rich content is part of SEO and not exclusive of SEO maintenance.

So many assumptions, so many mistakes, it is a wonder Kruse has any SEO clients at all, does he?

P.S. Note the illicit use of keyword stuffing on the Kruse Main page linked to above. ;-)

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