Google Decline
icon32.png Posted: 07 Apr 2013 17:56

Once upon a time, I had a great deal of respect for Google. But as the years fade, Google has become a menacing mega-corporation. Putting aside the common issues that we're all familiar with, like privacy issues and a TOS (terms of service) that they expect users to abide by but they themselves ignore, the underlying problem with Google is that they have ZERO customer service. Google essentially pukes out services on the web and then they say "here you go, good luck, and if you have issues, then too fucking bad".

The only time you will ever get to speak to someone at Google is when you are creating an Adwords account for the very first time; they obviously don't want to lose new users here because this is their cash machine. But once you're settled in, nearly everything about your Adwords account is automated, including dealing with any issues you may have.

False Copyright Claims and Illegal Spam

Google has tons of digital holdings and none of them provide any legitimate form of customer support. For example, I posted a video on youtube that was then flagged for 3rd party content. According to the false copyright claim (which is a federal offense) I was using audio from a song called "jingle all the way", however there was NO song within the video, it was a false match. As a result my YT account was shut down until I acknowledged the false claim and agreed to take a quiz. During this time I was still receiving notifications of replies and when I attempted to unsubscribe, I was redirected to the quiz page, this is a violation of national CAN-SPAM regulations. I was forced to take a quiz over a false copyright claim to stop the unwanted spam. Of course there was no way to address this with Google so this issue persists. I think it is only a matter of time before some savvy law firm realizes how much money could be earned through a class action law suit involving all of the automated false copyright claims as well as CAN-SPAM violations.

Intellectual Theft

In another case, Chuck Patterson shot some video that I posted on my YT channel. The video went viral and was reposted by many and included in a Fox news report. This is another example of a false match and a false copyright claim issued by Youtube on behalf of Fox. Even after disputing the claim the video is still falsely matched for 3rd party content simply because some of the footage is included in a news report. These examples are not isolated, they happen all the time.



Every few months I get snail mail spam at work from Google inviting me to spend money on PPC (pay per click) advertising through the Google Adwords program. Google has sent me PPC gift cards, a hat, and a cheap 250mb USB thumb drive. The sad part is that we're already an advertiser and have a PPC account, in fact I have an MCE account and manage many client accounts as well. We have spent and have managed the spending of $285,000.000 through Adwords and yet they still spam me asking me to "try Adwords". Google is so out of touch with those making them wealthy that they can't even be bothered to recognize someone that has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to their coffers. I realize that $285,000.00 is only a drop in the bucket for them, but to completely ignore it is insulting. Instead of sending me invites to try something for which they have been payed well they should send one of their 5 star chefs from the Google Plex to my office to cook everyone a fucking meal.

I have also received snail mail spam from Google inviting us to place our business on Google Maps. The irony is that Google has already sent us a placard for our window as we are a popular local place on Google Maps. Google is disconnected from their users in every respect.

Updates? That's not an update.

One of the most annoying things about Google is the constant reorganization of their user interface (UI) for many of their sites. I have not seen anything innovative or unique from Google in years, instead they just change the look of everything and move links. It's like going to the grocery store only to learn that they have moved all the food around so now you get to waste time learning the new layout. I can't count the number of times Google Analytics has been changed and the UI today is far worse than it was 5 years ago. Google isn't innovative, they just like to change things so that users can waste time learning the new layout. Most of the changes are utterly dumb. For example, in Google docs, Google now forces all new documents to appear on the main list whereas before we could hide them so as to keep docs more organized in folders alone, I'd love to meet the idiot that decided to list hundreds of my documents in my main folder and remove the option to hide them. And then there is the upcoming new Google compose… of course there are no new features, it's just another annoying change in display; whereas before I had a nice widescreen view of my compose, now I have a tiny ass window. This isn't innovation, this is annoying.

Am I Alone?

I really do hate google but with 76% of the search market they have a search monopoly and it's hard to get clients to focus on less popular search engines. I've been watching trends among Google users and while there are still many fan boys out there, the list of those that hate Google is growing. An amplicate poll shows that 21% of those participating hate Google. The phrase "I hate Google" is searched for 14,800 every month and the phrase "Google sucks" is searched for 18,100 per month. The phrase "google alternative" is searched for 22,000 times per month and there are hundreds of similar phrases searched showing disastifaction with Google. I'll end this bitch session with a chart that shows the demographic increase for the phrase "I hate Google" dating back to 2004. I think this chart speaks volumes and the fact that the chart is generated by Google makes me smile.

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