How To Promote Your Guest Blog
icon32.png Posted: 28 Jul 2011 16:31

A client recently sent me a question about online marketing and I thought I would present his question and my answer.

"I wrote an article for a friend's blog. It published on Monday or Tuesday. I want to get some mileage out of this. What are my best means of promoting her site, and letting people know they can see my 'guest blog'?"

Hi George, this is how I interpreted your question: "Should I promote my site, or my friends site?". Short answer: you should promote your site. Long answer…

Any effort spent promoting a source site would be best spent promoting your own site instead. The idea behind links on other sites, friends or strangers, is that you would be capitalizing on their existing popularity and therefore their existing visitors would be exposed to you. If you find that you have to promote their site so that their site can promote your site, then you are adding a step in the conversion process when you should be looking for ways to reduce the conversion process.

Another thing to consider is that blogs are GREAT for ranking a site, esp regular blogging activity every other week. Well written articles articulate your knowledge in the field and attract others and just as importantly, keyword rich articles relevant to your market help to rank your site on Google. Blogs also keep fresh content on your site triggering the Google "Freshness Algo". While guest blogging is good too provided it includes a link back to your site (That counts as a vote by Google for rank) I would say to focus blogging on your own site too, this will help your site to gain rank in Google.

With that out of the way. Due to the fact that your site is so new and you don't have rank yet, your best free option is to use your social media account like Facebook, Linkedin, & Twitter to announce your article and hopefully it will get picked up and reposted by others. This works whether the article is on your site or your friends site but as mentioned above, it's better to announce articles on your site (thereby linking to your site) instead of promoting a friends site unless your friends site is very popular and it will win you brownie points which funnily enough is still not that best option since a popular site would not need your promotion anyway. ;)

Also, see if you can get friends to retweet your announcement or tweet it in their own words, post on their FB walls, etc… If you send me the URL to your article I'll make sure it gets tweeted out on our own Twitter account (we're up to 8500 followers and some of them actually read our stuff).

General rules for blogging:

1) Post a blog to your own site once every two weeks, use rich keywords relevant to your industry when possible.
2) Post a blog as a guest to another site once every two months and make sure your article includes a link back to your own site.
3) Announce new blog entries on social media sites by linking directly to the blog page that contains the new article.
4) Ask friends to repost your announcement.
5) Don't overdo it, you don't have to flood the web with articles, once every couple of weeks is fine.
6) Build up your social media connections which in turns increases your audience. I like to refer to them as the three F's… friends, fans, and followers. Accept the fact that this is a process and will take some time.

If you want, I can build you a simple blog platform to post your own blogs to your site. But I wont be able to do that until next week. LMK.


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