How to Block Channels & Videos on Youtube
icon32.png Posted: 13 Apr 2016 18:09

Skip the Article? You can stop videos from appearing in your search results and recommended viewing list by blocking channels with a Chrome addon called Video Blocker. Firefox users can install the Mozilla version.

Youtube has experienced a lot of change over the years. Sadly most of the changes effect the user interface and few changes have actually improved the user experience. The last big change to Youtube was marrying it to Google+, hence dragging youtube down into an even deeper dredge. Forcing Youtube users to adopt Google+ pushed a lot of users into the loving arms of Vimeo, including some well known and popular channels.

Of all the possible improvements that have been overlooked by Google since they acquired Youtube, the ability to block channels and video content that appear in search results and the recommended viewing list is probably the most requested.


Youtube has the bad habit of assuming that since you watched one video, no matter how bad you thought it was, all videos from that channel should appear in your recommended list, burying much better content in the process. You can block the channel but all this does is prevent the channel owner from commenting on your videos.

So if you're tired of seeing videos from a channel you hate appear in the recommended videos and search results, Youtube won't help you, but the Chrome community will.

User Lemonrice has posted a free Chrome app that will block channels and videos on youtube with a nice Chrome addon called Video Blocker. (Firefox users can install the Mozilla version.) You can prevent all videos from a specified channel from appearing by entering the channel name of the user. You can also block videos from appearing based on keywords and wildcards.

If enough users install the addon, perhaps Google will take notice and take steps to formalize this feature, instead of just moving links around on the page and then patting themselves on the back.