Facebook Click Fraud?
icon32.png Posted: 07 Sep 2018 23:01

Is Facebook engaged in Click Fraud? For the last several months I've been trying to solve an issue involving a discrepancy of traffic data to client websites. This discrepancy exists in 100% of all Facebook clients that are running ads within Facebook. We have used multiple tools and lots of tertiary methods of measuring traffic data in an attempt to track down this "error" and in the end, I think the most likely cause is Facebook click fraud.

One option with FB is to pay for clicks to a promoted webpage. We put a lot of effort into landing pages that convert well and load fast on both mobile devices and PC's. So when we consistently see a difference of 82%, something is terribly wrong. Our most recent measure was a charge from FB for 1800 clicks, when we check the FB account page, it does in fact show 1800 clicks, and when we inspect the stats for the landing page for the same period of time, we get 340 views.

Upon bringing this to the attention of FB, they replied without investigation claiming that users are closing the page before it has had enough time to load trackers. When testing the speed of our site, we see that it is faster than 80% of all other web pages on the internet. So I find it impossible to believe that 82% of all FB users that click an ad, are closing the landing page before it has time to load. And in this case, the page loads in 1.62 seconds. I have many personal sites with pages that load much slower, and do not suffer from terrible stats like those from Facebook.

I also think that FB is selective when it comes to any click fraud algo because in larger accounts, the discrepancy is much much smaller. But with smaller accounts, it seems that the difference in % is much higher. If this is click fraud then this makes sense, a company paying millions every month may be assumed to have staff that are more savvy than perhaps a smaller company, or ad firm. The assumption here is that someone spending less money, is probably less familiar with the mechanics of how things work and can therefore be taken advantage of when it comes to billing.