Display A Link In Myspace
icon32.png Posted: 30 Sep 2008 22:42

It's called a Sally, short for Sally Fields because the author was a fan of Gidget and used this trick in her Gidget Myspace profile.

As many of you know. Myspace redirects all links through MSP Links. The question of whether or not PR and anchor text relevancy passes through MSP Links to the target site is a matter of debate.

The intent of the MSP Links was to protect users from following links to malicious sites. However, MSP Links helps to hide malicious sites because the URL visible on a mouse over shows an MSP Link, not the target link.

A Sally will display a true link on a Myspace profile so that when you mouse over the link, you will see the target URL, not MSP Links. It should be noted that strictly speaking, a Sally is not valid markup code, but it does seem to work. Seo Dojo is currently testing a Sally link to see if it passes PR. It may be some time before we know. If you have any experience with Sally please comment below.

The code:

<a form name="pass" method="get" action= </hypertext Reference href="http://www.whanethewhip.wikidot.com"">Seo Dojo</a>

You will need to replace the URL and anchor text accordingly. The double "" seen at the end of the URL is not an error.