How To Remove The Digg Bar
icon32.png Posted: 09 Apr 2009 17:31

I'm not a huge fan of frames or of framing other sites. Back in 2002 it was common practice to display the content of other sites within a frame that either 1) Convinced the user that you were still on the original linking site or 2) Made it real easy for the user to return back to the linking site. The idea was to keep users on a site for as long as possible increasing their visibility and to hell with all those pesky content providers that had the nerve to post content on their own websites. The practice of framing other sites quickly died down after protest and code efforts to forcefully remove frames. That was 2002.

I won't waste any time debating why the Digg Toolbar sucks. Thankfully, Digg had the foresight to see that for some us, the bar would be annoying and decided to give us a way to turn it off. To remove the Digg Bar go to your settings tab, then under "options" in the right navigation panel select "Viewing Preferences".

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