Dell Hell
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Over the last several years I've bought 3 laptops from Dell. Over these several years I've noticed a huge decline in quality of product and service from Dell. Aside from seeing the lettering wear off the keyboard during the first month after having purchased my first Dell, there were no major issues. However with my latest purchase, I've had nothing but problems and have received no help from Dell.

Dell Inspiron 7520 - Bad AMD Radeon HD 7730M

My latest purchase was the Dell Inspiron 7520 with Windows 8. There is a major configuration flaw with this laptop that Dell refuses to acknowledge. This is despite the fact that there have been numerous complaints on the Dell forums about this issue. This laptop contains two graphic cards, a standard built in Intel HD Graphics 4000 by AMD, and a switchable AMD Radeon HD 7730M with 2GB of RAM. The switchable card is configured to turn on when a program that requires acceleration is detected.

The problem is that it takes a very long time for the card to switch on and as a result 2 out of 3 times on average I will get the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) when trying to run any program that requires the card, this includes any games and other programs like Adobe Premier Pro. As you probably already know, the BSOD is a hard crash and can cause HD damage. At the very least, it halts your progress because you have to wait for the automated system reboot after a Windows 8 mandatory 1 min wait period. Windows takes 3-5x longer to reboot after a crash of this nature. This means that if I want to play a game, it will take me around 10 to 15 minutes due to the crashes. Eventually the program will finally run without issue. Once running I have no complaints, it's a nice little portable card for any laptop.

Switchable Cards Are a Bad Choice and Dell Knows it

The problem is not in the performance of the card, but in the way Dell has configured it as a switchable card; whether than have it as a primary dedicated card, users like me are forced to endure crashes and load failures when it is switched on. This is also incompatible with many programs such as any Java based applications (like Minecraft) and any app that has a setup process that is apart from the main program, this is because the settings program will not need the card to turn on and therefore will not be detectable as a selection choice.

I noticed the problems with this card the same day that my laptop arrived via snail mail. My main attraction to the laptop was this card and I was eager to test it out with one of my favorite games, World of Tanks. The excitement of getting my new laptop was immediately sobered as the game failed to load and my new laptop crashed 3 times in a row. I searched online for a solution and that is when I found multiple threads on the Dell forums posted by others about this same issue. I'm usually pretty good about my pre-order research, but I rushed it this time and thought that I could trust Dell, I was wrong and I got that sinking feeling in my gut, that feeling you get when you realize that you were just ripped off.

Dell Technical Support: Guy in India reading from a script

When I called Dell support, I got a call center in India with a CSR reading from a script. I spent about 2 hours on the phone and nothing was resolved. I spent the next few days researching the problem on my own and looking for a solution. At every point during my research the result was the same; there was no solution. I called Dell and said that I wanted to return the laptop. Dell offered me a $200 refund and the option to escalate the issue and receive a call-back from someone more qualified to solve the problem. I agreed and spent about 6 hours on the phone with Dell over the course of the next week and the problem was still not resolved. When I said that I wanted to replace the laptop they literally laughed out loud on the phone with a sort of smirk. I hung up.

The next day I called Dell again and said that I wanted to return the laptop for a full refund. When I was transferred to the return authorization department, the mood from Dell quickly changed. Previously, Dell was not able to help me and unwilling to replace the laptop, but at least they were somewhat polite about it. Now that I was speaking to someone in returns, I was dealing with a real Dell dickhead. Dell is fine screwing you over with a smile, but as soon as they have to return your money, they turn into the biggest assholes, this is because you have zero value to them unless they are getting your money. I was given a dell return order ID of #168626730 and was informed that it would expire in 30 days. So I had 30 days to change my mind if I wanted. This was good because it gave me more time to see if I could resolve the issue on my own, but 10 days later I received this email:

Dear Customer,
We have not yet received the merchandise for your returns authorization #168626730.
We have now cancelled the return authorization as it has been more than 10 days.
If you wish to return the merchandise, Kindly email us at moc.lled|sntr_ls_noc_su#moc.lled|sntr_ls_noc_su and request a new return authorization.

So much for the 30 days. I've been sold a bad laptop with a faulty switchable graphics card and then when given 30 days to return it, they cancel the return in just 10 days. When I emailed to renew the return I was told that since I "cancelled" the return that I could not renew it. Of course I never "cancelled" the return, this was Dell trying to make it sound as if I had done something wrong.

Months later after experiencing the BSOD yet again due to a failure of the switchable card, the hard drive went down. That cost me another 4 days.

Nearly a year later, the Dell laptop still does not work as advertised

Recently the switchable card simply would not work anymore, no BSOD and no crash, just a black screen whenever I tried to load any program that required the card. I called Dell again and I really don't know what I was thinking, I already knew that they would not help me. But after spending 2 hours and 45 minutes on the phone with Giri at Dell, finally the card seemed to work. This was after updating the drivers. However I soon realized that the card was still not fixed, I still get the BSOD followed by a hard crash twice every three attempts to run a program that requires graphic acceleration. But I'd rather get the BSOD and be able to run a program in 15 minutes then get a black screen and do nothing. That's how bad this laptop is, that I have to settle for a poorly configured laptop versus a non-functioning laptop. But the laptop still does not run as advertised.

In the followup email that was sent to me, I informed Dell that the problem was not resolved and not to contact me again unless they were willing to completely replace the laptop. Two days later they sent me spam asking me to pay to extend my warranty. I informed them that I would never pay again for any Dell product, to stop bothering me, and to kindly fuck off. So of course they called me the next day.

During that call, Robbie from Dell (In India) refused to replace the laptop and apologized for how I felt. He could not even bother to apologize the right way, for sending me a faulty laptop then refusing to replace it, instead he had to apologize for how I felt, what a dick.

At this point I've been ripped off by Dell. I have been complaining about the switchable AMD card for the better part of a year, and here I sit with the same piece of shit laptop. Dell is so greedy that they wont replace the laptop yet they are spamming me asking for more warranty money.

Partial list of Dell douche bags:

  1. moc.lled|SU_snruteR_remotsuC#moc.lled|SU_snruteR_remotsuC for cancelling my return option 20 days before 30 day limit they offered and then refusing to renew the return.
  2. moc.lled|dsc_su#moc.lled|dsc_su for assuring me that I had a choice to have my new Dell shipped with Windows 7, only to be denied windows 7 when I called to adjust my order. There was even another version of the same laptop with windows 7 available at the time.
  3. Jon Ehrikk Red <moc.lled|selas_snoc_rema#moc.lled|selas_snoc_rema> and his supervisor moc.lled|selegnA_ecinaJ#moc.lled|selegnA_ecinaJ for sending me an unsolicted commercial email offer to pay to extend my warranty even though I had unsubscribed from all emails, offers, and newsletters nearly a year prior. Dell does not give a fuck about CAN-SPAM law just like they don't give a fuck about their customers that end up with bad laptops.
  4. moc.lleD|KAM_pihsrenwO_ssenisuB_SU#moc.lleD|KAM_pihsrenwO_ssenisuB_SU for refusing to acknowledge that the underlying issue behind my HD failure was caused by the switchable graphics card when it crashed my laptop to the blue screen of death and would not boot up afterwords.
  5. All the people behind the moc.lled|ylper_oN#moc.lled|ylper_oN email address that just want to spit shit at me through email without bothering to provide a working return email address.
  6. All the people I spoke with over the phone that refused to replace my laptop, refused to acknowledge that my issue was real (apparently they think it was all in my head) and continue to call me to this day to tell me that they will not replace my laptop… but they are "sorry".
  7. Nisha (moc.lled|_ahsiN#moc.lled|_ahsiN 1-800-289-3355 ext 4161568) for telling me that my complaint is not valid because there are so many OTHER satisfied customers at Dell. When a customer has a complaint, the last thing they want to hear is how happy everyone else is, that just means you have taken care of everyone else but me. When I told her this was a bad "fucking" way to handle a complaint, she then informed me that she was reporting my IP and ended the session.
  8. Dell-Chris M for abusing his forum moderating powers and banning me from the forum under the premise of a false claim. Chris is such a douche bag that I felt compelled to add a special article just for him: Dell-Chris M
  9. "Ron", Dell operator. When I called to complain about the abuse by Dell-Chris M and his false claims as to why he banned me on the forums, "Ron" told me that Dell does not provide weekend customer care support. When I read back to him what I was planning to post here as a reply: "Dell operator will not help me because Dell does not believe in helping customers on the weekend" Ron replied back with "whatever". This is the type of pro help you get from Dell.

The only offer from Dell that I will accept is to let me replace this laptop with any laptop I want, otherwise I never want to hear from Dell again. If I were paid for each hour I spent on the phone with Dell, I'd be able to buy two of these laptops at full price. I don't want to spend more hours on the phone, and I don't want Dell to "fix" the laptop, I've been through that before and did not enjoy having to do a full system restore and reinstallation and setup of all my programs in order to fix what they broke when trying to "fix" my laptop.

…these people become so filthy rich that when asked what else they could possibly buy, they answer with a single word: "more".

Dell admits they screwed me over, but refuses to replace the laptop

Cesar Abrego Brizuela, Resolution Specialist (1-800-247-2076 ext. 2169555) admitted to wrong doing by Dell when he gave me a partial refund of $200, yet when it was found that $200 did not make up for the bad laptop, no one has ever offered to replace the laptop. This is what happens when greedy people run large corporations, these people become so filthy rich that when asked what else they could possibly buy, they answer with a single word: "more".

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