Dell Abusive Forum Staff: DELL-Chris M
icon32.png Posted: 06 Sep 2014 17:18

I was originally planning to add "DELL-Chris M", a forum moderator at to my the list of douche bags that I posted on my Dell Hell article. But given the severity of his abuse of powers I decided that he needs special attention.

"DELL-Chris M" deleted a post that I placed on the Dell Community Discussion boards due to my use of the phrase "suck it", apparently I insulted his delicate sensibilities. But he also stated that my post was deleted due to it being a "personal conversation". For some reason Chris did not like me complaining about a Dell product on the Dell forums. Here is a screen grab of the email that was sent to me which includes my post:


As you can see, I was invited to remove the phrase "suck it" from my post and resubmit it, so I did. And due to the fact that I knew what this was really about; hiding Dell culpability, I had the foresight to get a screenshot of my new post:


As you can see I repeated my complaint, added another, and removed the phrase "suck it". But "DELL-Chris M" was still not satisfied so despite my compliance with their lame rules that cause for them to ignore the heart of an issue due to the addition of the phrase "suck it" Chris decided to abuse his powers and ban me from the Dell forums. Here was the email that he sent to me:


Do note that "Dell-Chris M" used the messaging system built into the community to send me this message, it was then automatically emailed to me. But the return email used is another one of Dell's legendary "no-reply" email addresses. So he gets to send me crap emails like this making false claims about profanity and I can't even reply to the email. Nor can I click the link to reply because that takes me back to the forum that Chris banned me on, and he knows it.

Furthermore, Dell-Chris M didn't just ban me from posting, he even banned me from viewing the forum which means ZERO support via forums, I can't even view solutions posted by other users. This is Dell-Chris M flexing his virtual muscles and that is why he gets the biggest Dell douche bag award possible.