Cross Posting In Craigslist
icon32.png Posted: 16 Dec 2010 00:05

My advice regarding cross posting in CL: Don't do it. That said, here are the details you are looking for.

In order to understand how to get the most out of CL it is important to understand that you are going to have to jump through alot of hoops because CL is only targeting local users. Once you read through their terms, you will see that understanding their limits is easy. You can post a *single* ad, in a *single* category, and within a *single* city, once every 48 hours. Anything beyond this is a violation of their terms of service and can result in getting your ads ghosted or your account banned.

In most cases you will be looking to post in a category that requires you to have a PVA, or a phone verified account. For example, posting in the "services" area requires a PVA. Getting a PVA can be a pain and if your PVA account has been banned then you have not only lost an account, but you have also lost the means to a new account; your phone number. Some sites sell PVA's but many of them are of low quality. PVA's alone can fill an entire article.

In order to cross post you will need 3 things, if any *one* of these things is missing then you will get ghosted and eventually banned because CL cross checks for all of these things.

1. Multiple accounts. One account per post is best. So if you want to post in 100 categories or cities, then you need 100 accounts. This means you also need 100 phone numbers, or 100 PVA's that you purchased through a PVA service. This is very important because the most obvious way to check an account for cross posting is to simply see if more than one post has been created in a single day. Using multiple accounts passes this check.

2. You need a proxy IP service, or a non-static IP. This is needed for each post. This is just as important as #1 above. If you go through the trouble to post 100 ads using 100 accounts and use just one IP, then once again all of your ads are connected. Alot of people get lazy on this part and end up losing multiple PVA's all at once.

3. You need a clearly unique ad text for each posting. This can be a challenge since you need a unique title and description. You also cannot be using the same phone number or URL since that again will connect your cross posts. You cannot even use a URL shortening service. CL knows you are using this to hide the fact that you are using the same URL in every post so even if you manage to create truly unique posts you are once again connecting all of them when you put in the destination URL or the phone number. This is why alot of people do not include a URL and instead they just say "contact me for more information" or something like that. Another option is to create 100 different pages on your sites and then use those pages to redirect visitors to the main page you want them to view. Of course this is still risky since your URL will still be pointing to the same domain, even it is a different page on the domain.

With those three elements covered, whether or not you use a posting service like CL Bot Pro or not will not change the fact that you still need to rotate IP's and accounts with every post.

After all is said and done, you will quickly realize just how time consuming it can be to circumvent CL and you may better off paying for a PPC service like Google Adwords, it will save you time and is 100% legit. Also remember, CL reserves the right to file a lawsuit against anyone that violates their service terms and agreement.

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