Bible Knowledge
icon32.png Posted: 19 Jan 2012 05:26

Quite often, I'm accused of lacking bible knowledge. While I'm not claiming to be an expert when it comes to the Bible, I would like to point out to my opponents that I probably know the Bible better than you. I've read the Bible thoroughly as both a believer and an atheist. When you are debating me, you are debating an ordained priest as well as an ordained minister and Biblical teacher, though I no longer accept these titles.

It is also a fact that atheists know the Bible better than most Christians. This was established in September of 2010 when the Pew Forum administered a religious knowledge quiz.


As you can see, atheists scored higher than all Christian sects and I would like to point out that I too took the quiz in which I scored higher than 97% of the public.


No, I'm not trying to impress you, but I am trying to impress upon Christians, that they certainly don't hold a monopoly on religious knowledge. Take this Christian for example that posts on Youtube:

@whanethewhip Hmm, Guess you dont have knowledge in the bible. I do and i know what im doing with my life. I have a relation ship with god. Trust me. ~ Youtube user luisrock2008

The post by luisrock2008 is typical. It contains an accusation without an explanation, much less evidence. And the accusation does nothing to support his view that a god exists. And why he expects me to trust him is beyond my imagination. I hate to nit pick grammar and spelling, especially since I'm not gifted with either one, but it's hard to accept a claim of knowledge when one can't even spell the word "relationship". But don't read too much into that one, I'm trying not to be jerk… this time.

It has been my experience that generally speaking, atheists tend to know the Bible well because we have an open mind which has led us to reading the Bible. Speaking for myself, I have read the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, and segments of the Quran. I have also prayed, gone to church, and attended seminary. All of these activities have led me to atheism.

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