Angela Edwards Challenge
icon32.png Posted: 30 Sep 2008 22:34

Summary: Angela Edwards, posting under the alias "AngelaE8654" on the SEO digital point forums has made the following claim: Inner pages of a website carry the same weight in PR as the main page. Angela provides more information in her 25 page "report". Furthermore, Angela is accused of using the Digital Point Forums to harvest e-mail addresses by sending the report URL only to those that provide her with an e-mail address.

Challenger (Winner):

Whane The Whip
Representing: pbbg (PR4)
Style: Sabaki Do

Angela Edwards
Representing: Angelas Discount Market (PR3)
Style: Unknown (awaiting reply)

Victory Conditions

Any response should address each challenge element one at a time in order to facilitate the debate progress. Failure to accept the challenge will default victory to the challenger. Defender should post replies to the comment section that follows this challenge. Seo Dojo will moderate, judge, and declare a victor. (Yeah it's a little unfair in this case but I need to get the ball rolling) There are 3 primary elements in this challenge:

Challenge Elements

1) Angela has not shown any proof for her claim regarding inner pages. A claim is not made true just by stating it, it must be demonstrated and it must be repeatable. Google states that "When a user enters a query, our machines search the index for matching pages and return the results we believe are the most relevant to the user. Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors, one of which is the PageRank for a given page." Note the use of the phrase for a given page. Angela claims that Google is misleading us, and that this is not true. Angela must show that she is right and that Google is wrong. She must prove her claim, until then it is only a claim.

2) Angela claims to have a special formula for measuring PageRank. This suggests that she has privileged information regarding the 3 million factors that determines PageRank devised by Google. In this challenge element, Angela is asked to verify her credentials to prove that she has (or once had) access to the 3 million factors that determines PageRank. Or verify her credentials to show us that she is qualified to ascertain what those 3 million factors might be.

3) Using her claim in #1, Angela further claims that you can get PR10 weight from an adobe community forum profile page because the forum pages display member names with links to their profile pages. However, the member links as they appear on the main page of each sub-forum do not link directly to a profile page, but to a data base search. In this challenge element, Angela is asked to explain how PR can transfer from a static page to a non-static cold fusion data base search, then back to a javascript pop up "profile" of a member.

Closing argument. Angela cannot be right. If inner pages truly have the same weight as a sites home page but simply do not display correctly with the Google PR Toolbar, then why would sites linked to beyond that suddenly display the PageRank correctly? To summarize her claim: all home page PR is correct, all inner page PR is incorrect, all pages linked to from inner pages once again show correct PR. Or to put it another way, Angela is saying: "I cant get a link to your site from a PR 7,8,9, or 10 web page, therefore I'm going to pretend that the inner pages I link from are really the same PR as the home page that way I can sell link building services." Consider yourself sucker punched Angela, and welcome to the Seo Dojo. :o