Andy Ostroy Misrepresents Tea Party
icon32.png Posted: 15 Apr 2010 15:51

The NY Times published the results of a poll they claim represents those that support the Tea Party Movement in an article titled": Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated. In response to this, Andy Ostroy, a self-proclaimed political analyst misrepresents the poll in his article titled: The Tea Party Movement Isn't About Racism? Read This... This is an obvious and laughable case of biased journalism at the Huffington Post. At one point Andy spewed:

"The poll chillingly illustrates what's really at the core of the movement: intense frustration, anger and resentment over the belief that a black president is giving taxpayer handouts to other blacks."

Andy is clearly biased and willfully ignorant of this movement. Contrary to this "crap journalism" example, the poll clearly shows that the core issue is a pattern of complete disregard of the people of the U.S. in favor of a personal agenda. Poll any group of people frustrated with the pseudo-president and I'm willing to bet you will see that 25%+ believe he favors one group over another. Many people are not happy with Obama or former presidents. Andy is a political analyst? According to whom?

At one point in time, one commenter set out to correct Andy Ostroy on his biased misuse of the phrase "teabagger" and Andy replied with:


Andy is saying "I have a degree and you don't so shut up". This is the method used by those losing a debate, the merit of their argument is found lacking, so they have no further refuge than to launch a personal attack. And of course this response by Andy Ostroy is yet another attempt to derail the topic… he is saying "let's talk about how you don't have a degree, and ignore my misuse of the term "teabaggers".

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