And I'm An Ex Mormon
icon32.png Posted: 13 Jan 2012 06:34

Anyone that's been on Youtube in the last year has more than likely ran into the Mormon spin campaign designed to portray Mormons as ordinary people. Videos with titles that include "And I'm a Mormon" appear both on the main page and in the side bar as promoted ads throughout Youtube. However the campaign backfired as numerous "And I'm an Ex Mormon" videos began to appear in response to the church's attempt to control public opinion. Curious, I decided to do a site search to see how both the Mormon and the Anti-Mormon campaigns compared. This is what I found:

And I'm a Mormon Video Count: 326

And I'm an Ex Mormon Video Count: 25,600

Ouch! As you can see, Social Media Marketing by the Mormons has stirred a pot better left untouched. In fact, a search on Youtube for the phrase and I'm a Mormon shows just as many results for Mormon videos as it does Ex Mormon videos.

The search results above were found by performing a Google search using the site: operator in which the domain is searched using the phrases "And I'm a Mormon" and "And I'm an Ex Mormon". The results are not 100% accurate due in part to video spoofs posted on Youtube, but the extreme difference in competing videos illustrates what some see as another nail in the Mormon coffin. By the way, I'm an ex Mormon too.

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