An Open Letter to Adwords
icon32.png Posted: 20 Jan 2011 07:20

After reaching a new point of frustration with Google Adwords I decided to email them. I should point out that unless you actually have an Adwords account Google will never bother to help you with anything, they only like to help paying customers and tend to forget that it is the millions of users that click their ads that make them successful.

You've made some changes to the billing interface, now I cant handle payments. The help section for this is outdated. I have added new billing payment information (a new credit card) to the account. You keep trying to bill the old card. When I try to delete the old billing information adwords yells at me and says it cant do it. I really see no point in having a "remove" option if I cant remove the form of payment. Really, you should just the change the anchor text to read "click here to be driven insane".

Basically you have a system that allows me to enter in a new form of payment, now all you have to do is let the system actually USE the new form of payment I have entered. So, the new form of payment ends with cc number 1773 and of course there is no option for me to enable it even though I've added it because I guess that would make too much sense. Please fix this and re-enable these ads.

As a side note I would like to complain some more… all of the changes you introduce to adwords on a seemingly monthly basis never seem to actually improve performance in anyway and it reminds me of how grocery stores move crap around every month to keep customers wandering around looking for where the eff the bread is. Really.. isle 6 was fine for bread, why move it to isle 11. I ask the same questions regarding the interface of adwords.

That's it, nothing more, just a minor rant. I suspect my critical views towards Google is the reason why my site no longer has PR. Oh well, it's just a blog.

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