A Conversation With A Christian
icon32.png Posted: 30 Dec 2011 19:01

The following is a conversation I had with a Christian on youtube shortly after the passing of Hitchens, a well known and verbose atheist.

Funny cartoon: Hitchens says God doesn't exist. *God throwing Hitchens into Hell fire* "Hitchens doesn't exist." ~ @TheTirvin18

@TheTirvin18 It's only funny if you're an immoral pig that believes in god. Pigs like you need religion because you could never say anything kind if it were not for the fear of hell and the reward of heaven, even so… here you are thinking that pain is funny, apparently the risk is moot for you. And I find your comments daunting when on your own videos you post "Civil debate wanted.". To get civil debate, one needs to begin civilly. You begin as an ass. ~ @whanethewhip

@whanethewhip immoral pigs are those bigots like you. Civil debate yes, I can joke about Hitchens, you see the double standard. On the topic of Islam not being able to take jokes, atheists cant take a joke about their dead idol hitchens. HA HA HA ~ @TheTirvin18

@TheTirvin18 That you find humor in the concept of a place intended by your *moral* god to be a place of eternal torment illustrates how thoroughly religion has polluted your mind. ~ @whanethewhip

@whanethewhip eternal torment is justice for wickedness = moral ~ @TheTirvin18

@TheTirvin18 With every word you speak, you only further betray the pollution in your thoughts. Infinite punishment can never be justice for a finite crime and "unbelief" is not a crime at all, unless you worship an ego-maniac. Only in your twisted world of religion, does this type of immorality breed. Please continue so we can explore further how badly you are polluted. ~ @whanethewhip

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